Our ethos is founded on a belief in people and their ability to overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.


As a specialist training partner, our focus is to help individuals and organisations unlock their true potential and meet their business goals through improved performance.

Applying leadership skills from a practical perspective, our training programmes are dynamic, engaging and highly motivating. By using real-life workplace scenarios, our hands-on training courses provide maximum impact on delegates and organisational performance.

Our approach is based on high performance and developing mental resilience, we believe that once you have a clearly defined purpose and an understanding of the ‘big picture’, you are more likely to handle unexpected situations more positively. We’ll provide you with the skills and behaviours needed to embrace change and remain resilient.

Special Forces Leadership

The archetypical stereotype of the military leadership model is one of a Command and Control structure. In reality it is actually a model of Mission Command, a model whereby people are aligned to the mission and empowered by leaders to take responsibility and make appropriate decisions.

This approach is evident in the Special Forces environment, where highly motivated individuals are called upon to input into the planning and execution of operational tasks. All operators understand they may be called upon at any point of a mission, to take the lead and carry out executive decisions under extreme circumstances.

In action, mission command empowers team members with a clearly defined purpose and objective, with the independence to get the job done.

The Special Forces leadership approach includes:

  • Unrelenting pursuit of excellence
  • Self-discipline
  • Classlessness
  • Humility and humour


3RG Leadership is an accredited training provider with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). The ILM is a world-renowned professional membership body representing over 25,000 professional managers and leaders.

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