Pressure and focusing on the Big Picture

Kids really can give you that reminder. While we deal with often self created pressure, they maintain that simplistic view which breaks through the fog.

This reminder to me was about the Big Picture. My sons point was that his friend just needed to look at the big picture and stop getting involved with the small stuff (my son is extremely laid back!!).

It is a reminder to is all. The ability to be able to ‘step back’ get our head out of the proverbial and see the Big Picture is of huge benefit. It allows us to calm down, relax a little and think more clearly. To improve our effectiveness, personal impact and performance. To be a better person to be around and more forgiving on ourselves.

That said sometimes we do need to get involved in the detail. To do deep work and focus. To ‘chunk in and chunk out’.

The key is to be able to manage this, to manage our focus. Without Awareness this becomes next to impossible. Unconsciously we fight the fires and jump between tasks.

In this video (Click on the pic below) I pass on the reminder. Small steps, big changes…

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