Monkey Mind – How do we handle pressure?

So in times of pressure do we go with the mind of a drunken monkey (and all the negative self talk it throws at us) or do we go for a disciplined mind (they are rare!!)

In this latest video, I’m talking about how we handle pressure and how we can train the mind so we can maintain performance when it matters most.

First bit though is about the videos I am putting out and the purpose (my why!).

So I am driven by how people perform and get the best from themselves, maybe it borders on obsession but I can’t get enough and it doesn’t make one ounce of sense to me that people wouldn’t want to be happier, relaxed and perform better.

I come across lots of great stuff during my work and research, ‘Standing on the Shoulders’ of eminent experts in the fields of psychology and human performance and I hope to encapsulate these in a way that hits home and sparks just a bit more awareness in people.

The main subject of the video is I think quite relevant with England actually winning a pressure penalty shoot out!!! (slip of the tongue in the video when I mention we won the world cup…)

So yes, pressure and how do we train the mind. I’m ‘Standing on the Shoulder’ of a guy called Michael Gervias Performance Psychologist who works with the Superbowl winning Seattle Seahawks amongst others – he has a great podcast at

How then do we train the mind? Through mindfulness…Yes I know.. but its not all touchy feely stuff! It has a hard edge and if it works for ultra Alpha athletes in the NFL, etc then hey just maybe there is something in it…life keeps throwing it at us, but if we strengthen a Teflon mind, well maybe just about anything is possible..

I’ll leave you to see the rest in the video (double click on the dramatic pic or the link below!)


P.S. I’m trialling a bit of ‘Intermittent Fasting’ at the minute…early days and I intend to create a video on that too, but early signs are really interesting – sharper mind and actually not starving like I thought I would be!!

Quite a few guys at Gracie Barra Brazilian Ju Jitsu are having a go too and we are still smashing out hard rolling sessions!!

Pressure…bring it on!!

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