Micro Habits – 10X Performance

Getting fit, being more relaxed, being more organised, being more effective in our career, being a better mum/dad, being a better husband/wife…..as the New Year draws closer, many of us will reflect on 2017, our hopes dreams and goals and how far we come in moving towards them. The reality is also many of us will have fallen short or not even began to take the steps towards these aspirations, we have defeated ourselves or chosen comfort over courage. What is it that defeats these best laid plans? Many times it is the magnitude and overwhelm. We don’t take the small steps, we don’t develop our micro habits….

Overwhelm can lead to panic and negativity and can become a self defeating cycle. Many people lack clarity, try to spin too many plates and struggle to focus on the things they need to get done. This way of living and working naturally leads to increased levels of stress and a whole host of negative outcomes.

The Answer?

The answer lies in taking the small steps that lead to big change – they can 10X Performance!! Micro habits are a way for people to begin moving forward and breaking the negative cycle. These small habits take discipline and commitment on a consistent basis but will bring about change in performance with the associated upturn in areas such as wellbeing, a sense of purpose, confidence, motivation and productivity.

These micro habits might seem small but measures such as restricting social media time, not checking messages first thing in the morning, making your boss aware that you have blocked out email time in the pursuit of being more productive and getting detailed on your diary can hugely reduce stress. When people change these small habits they see dramatic results in their ability to focus and get detailed on the work that will drive them and their teams forward.

This came up again for me while recently at a London meeting, so I thought I would video some thoughts………

Click on the image below to view:

Here’s to moving forward in 2018! Focus on our habits at the micro level could be a game changer!

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